NEW Attic Cleanup Services

We know that indoor air quality is top of mind for many. Recently, we have acquired new equipment that allows us to offer professional attic cleaning services. While you may not typically visit your attic, this is a critical space in your home—one that shouldn’t be ignored. 

Why Get Professional Attic Cleaning Services?

  • Removing dust, debris and allergens in your attic can vastly improve the indoor air quality of your home—and therefore your family’s health!
  • We can remove any old, ineffective insulation. 
  • We will remove any signs of rodent waste/infestations. 
  • We will inspect for any issues that are causing you to lose energy in your attic.

Once your attic is cleaned, we can install the proper insulation to enhance your whole home’s energy efficiency. We can also properly air seal your attic, which will help to keep out unwanted allergens and pests. 

Learn more about our attic cleaning services by contacting Haynes Insulation today.